Tim Pannell

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Lifestyle, business and sports photographer, Tim Pannell has been working internationally as a commercial photographer for over 20 years. Whether he is shooting at midnight on the streets of Los Angeles or willing cartoon characters to come to life , Pannell’s goal is simply to convey an emotion and to capture a moment What sets him apart from the rest is his astounding ability to create a dynamic, optimistic mood on set. He consistently fosters an environment where people are having a great time—and it’s reflected in his vibrant, energetic images. Clients rave about his demeanor, which helps subjects get comfortable in front of the camera, and produces unique images showing people engaged with life.
When not travelling the globe shooting, Tim lives happily with his wife and five children in the mountains near Salt Lake City.He has a personal interest in architecture and has designed over 100 homes in his spare time. He also shoots for the Compassionate Eye Foundation, which uses photo royalties to fund projects such as new classrooms in Ethiopia and clean water projects in Sierra Leone.